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– The New Way to Fund and Develop Real Estate xecCOIN is a real estate development funding vehicle It allows holders of the xecCOIN to invest in real estate projects thereby gaining exposure to the U.S commercial real estate market for as little as $50 per token Each token represents an amount of debt that has been pre-funded by xecOIN or other purchasers of xecCOIN A portion of the cash flows from these properties will be used to pay down the principal on these tokens over time or if earlier as specified in the offering memorandum (OM)

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is a type of software that controls the activities of computer hardware Operating System (OS) or Software

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XEC Coin is a new cryptocurrency that is not supported by any government or bank It has no centralized authority and the transactions are secured by military-grade cryptography making it impossible to counterfeit Therefore there is no need for an army of accountants and auditors In addition XEC Coin is decentralized and managed by its users who have equal voting rights in the system and can use the network without disclosing their identities

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